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As we say farewell to 2013, let us not forget
the classmates who have passed before us
and cherish each moment we have with one another.


(drawing at right by Ruth Williamson, 1st Grade)

Ruth Williamson

Congratulations to classmate Bob Vaxter and his bride, Valerie Pentz, who wed December 26th at the Chapel at Luxor
in Las Vegas!

Bob Vaxter & Valerie Pentz Dorothy Orlosky Fry and
Glenn "Butch" Fry (below) recently celebrated a special event
in the Atlanta area.
Vicki Vicki Baumann Stoeckley (left)
sends a warm smile and
to all from snowy


September found twins Carla Malotte Pippin (below left) and Marla Malotte Miklis (below right) sharing some special sister time in Dallas.


Phyllis Lince Peters recently wrote, "It has been a great first year of retirement! Bob and I settled into our new home in Texas, just missing Sam [Lanham] by about 3 weeks. Last spring we took a cruise from New Orleans across the 'pond' that ended in St Petersburg, Russia. Recently, we returned from a cruse to Columbia and southern islands."


Harry & Marilee Utter (right) reported a
"good early start"
to the Colorado ski season from Arapahoe Basin Ski Area.
Multiple Autumn Mini-Reunions Around the Country
Organized by Class Ambassador Sam Lanham
In an absolutely astounding show of classmate love, our million-mile motorist has done it again. Beginning in Atlanta, then heading west before cruising back east, Sam Lanham visited 40 classmates along an 8,300 mile amazing journey. Job well done, Mr. Ambassador!
Sam & Ron


Pictured L-R are Sam Lanham
and Ron Edgerton



Little did Paddie know, as she was gathering classmates for a mini-reunion, that she would be the guest of honor celebrating her upcoming move to California!

Pictured L-R are Cindi Katz Talbot, Dan Wolney, Sam Lanham, Karen Jennings Burkart, Alex VanZanten, Deanna Shaffer Pastor, Paddie Jo Carver Kilgore, Ken Bickford and Jack Hubbard.

Missing from photos:
Judy Bouzan VanZanten



Pictured L-R are Jan Harper Weir, Sallie Jo Maitre, Carl Olsen, Paddie Jo Carver Kilgore, Cindi Katz Talbot, Sandy Wassenar Phillips, Deanna Shaffer Pastor and Karen Jennings Burkart.



Fred Bachman stopped by just long enough to say hello and sign Paddie's send-off poster.



Pictured L-R are Bob Dixon, Rocky Lloyd Dixon and Sam Lanham.


Pictured are Sam Lanham
and Pat Hunt Passey



Pictured are Sam Lanham
and Jacquie Marshall Obos.



Pictured L-R are Mike Barnes, Karen Jensen Black, Linda Kinderknecht Barnes, Sam Lanham and Tom Sebo.



Pictured L-R are Don Avriett, Barbara Berghorst Newman, John Newman '64, Steve Clagett, Sam Lanham, Marta Tapley Brown and Tom Sebo.



Joining Sam for a portion of the road trip from Vancouver to Sacramento, Tom Sebo (right) caught up with Steve Clagett (left) on Steve's eleven-year, 138 acres public housing project in Seattle.
Nice work, Steve!



Pictured are Jackie Trato Edwards and Sam Lanham.



Pictured L-R are Nancy & Gene Ward, Sally & Tony Guehl, Sam Lanham, Ken Astbury and Jackie Trato Edwards.



Pictured L-R are Sam Lanham & Gene Ward.



Marta Tapley Brown



Pictured L--R are Sam Lanham
and Dave Heiman.



Pictured L-R are Jim Doe
and Sam Lanham.



Pictured L-R are Harry Utter, Vicki Baumann Stoeckley, Sam Lanham
and John Farrin.

Wise Words

Class Ambassador Sam Lanham
recently wrote on his facebook page...

"Seize ALL opportunities to meet up
with your friends,
such opportunities will become rare
as time goes by."

Jerry & Julie

After years of talking about it to others and providing lots of facebook chatter, Wisconsinites Jerry Dubman and Julie Lewis Herman finally met up for a long-awaited visit.


Could these two childhood friends be cooking up a regional midwest mini-reunion for sometime between now and our big Fiftieth in 2015? Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Beadle Lake Mini-Reunion Six amigos reconnected during June in memory of classmate David Leatherman (1947-1994) at the Beadle Lake home of Richard Burdick. Front row (l-r) - Jerry Dubman, Jim Campbell, Bob Cummins. Back row (l-r) - Ken Wilsey, Richard Burdick, Mike Tooze.

Classmate Greeting

"Karen and I have been happily married for 32 years. I worked in the medical service industry for 35 years, retiring in 2005 from Phillips Medical Systems. We moved to FL within a matter of weeks and the only regret we have is that there's always something to do and the years fly by so fast!"

Dennis King

Dennis_Karen Have we heard
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A June trip to Disneyworld with his son, Mike (left) and grandchildren Katie & Andy found Sam Lanham (right) visiting our own expert candy maker Mike Stacy (center) outfitted in his Goofy Candy Co. kitchen attire. Oh, the sweets Mike creates! Mike, Sam
Singer, songwriter, storyteller and classmate Steve Barber enjoyed checking "Make a CD" off his bucket list this spring with the release of LUCKY LINDY. As many of you will recall, the talented musician entertained us with delightful originals at our last class reunion and can often be found performing around southern Michigan. Steve Barber

Lucky Lindy CD

Follow Steve's musical adventures at:

Dick, Sam While out and about in B.C. looking for another classmate, Class Ambassador Sam Lanham (right) heard his name called out by world traveler Dick Burdick (left), who had arrived at a local business in his original 1981 Datsun 280Z! Dick, Sam
Spartan Lana, Janet, Charity

East Meets West

Distance melted away when girlfriends (l-r) Lana Benson Clancey, Janet Taylor LeFevre and Charity Baker met for a tour of the Grand Canyon from opposite sides of the country.

Following a two year search by Tom Sebo, Tom and Fred Bachman recently realized a dream of visiting their Territorial Elementary 6th grade teacher, Dr. Dale Bennett. From Evansville, Indiana, the two classmates reported that Bennett was one of the most influential people in their lives and they were eager to thank him. Dale's wife Charlotte, Fred's wife Sue and Tom's wife Cheryl were all in tears as the three men greeted, reminisced and shared gifts. Pictured (L-R) are Tom, Dr. Bennett and Fred. Tom, Dr. Bennett &  Fred
Jerry, Jan & Doug Motoring from Wisconsin to Florida for "spring break" caught Jerry Dubman visiting classmates Jan Barker Lefevre and Doug Chidester in North Carolina (pictured at left) and Sam Lanham (right), Butch Fry and Dorothy Orlosky Fry in Georgia. Note: Ask Doug why he should not serve as class photographer. :-)
Jerry & Sam
Ron & Susan Big smiles lit up the faces of classmate Ron Edgerton and his wife, Susan Krug, as they exited the cold midwest for an end-of-winter visit to the sunny and warmer Carolinas. The two seasoned travelers stopped for an overnight stay and lively late-night conversation at the home of Jan Barker Lefevre and her husband, Dick, in Statesville, NC and a return trip overnight stay with Sam and Jane Lanham in GA.

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From left to right, Sarah (formerly Marsha) Kaiser Heinze, Steve Clagett and Barbara Berghorst Newman ham it up for LHS in Washington state following a round of cross country skiing. Not pictured are spouses Walter Heinze, Jennifer Parker and John Newman '64.

(Editor's note: This photo appears to present an LHS challenge to other classmates for recognizing our school in a photo. Can you beat it? Email us your photo today!)

Sarah, Steve & Barb
Steve, Ruth & Don During a recent trip to Seattle, WA to visit relatives, Ruth Williamson Person joined Steve Clagett (left) and Don Avriett (right) for what Ruth described as "some great Greek food" and "fun catching up on each others' lives over the last 40+ years."

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A sunny day in Florida found Sara Buchanan Torres (left) and Kathy Kerr Fries (right) celebrating January birthdays with family members at the Turtle Club in Naples, Florida. Sara & Kathy
Jan, Deanna & Pat Deanna Shaffer Pastor (center) and Pat Denny Digit (right) kicked off the new year with a southern road trip that included an overnight stay at the home of Jan Barker Lefevre (left) in Statesville, North Carolina.
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Class of 1965, Lakeview High School, Battle Creek, Michigan