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Washington As the year drew to a close in December, Jackie Trato Edwards, Steve Clagett and Marta Tapley Brown (l-r) met for lunch in Seattle, WA and sent a message to Class Ambassador Sam Lanham -- "Hey Sam! Wish you were here!"
Wisconsin Getting together in early December, before Wisconsin's winter set in, Julie Lewis Herman and her husband, Dave (left), dined with Jerry Dubman and his wife, Sara (right).
November found Marybeth Wright Styer and Jerry Dubman hauling out old class momentos in preparation of next year's fiftith class reunion. Thanks for the memories, y'all!
Sweden's Birgitta (Britta) Bostrom Amcoff and husband, Sven, rested atop Table Mountain during their October adventure in South Africa.
Classmate girlfriends, along with their spouses, gathered on Traverse City's Old Mission Peninsula for a September wine tasting. (Left to right) Dick & Jan Barker Lefevre, Carolyn Masick Wright & Dale, Deanna Shaffer Pastor & Bill

Autumn Happenings

(upper left) Steve Barber performing at the Kalamazoo Nature Center

(upper right) Jim Norlander being sworn in as Calhoun County District Judge

(lower left) Sam Lanham sipping soda at an Ohio country store while visiting Dick and Jan Barker Lefevre

(lower right) Tom Miller toasting the class in his official "Lakeview Spartans" tee

(lower center) although they're not classmates, many of you may know them... Fred and Patty Meyer announcing the closing of Meyer's Toy World in Battle Creek after 67 years in business

A May mini-reunion, complete with LHS sportswear, took place in the Netherlands for Tom Sebo (left) and LHS '65 exchange student Jake Mondt (right). June found Jackie Trato Edwards visiting Mike Stacy at Goofy's Candy Co. in the Disney Village
of Orlando, FL
GREAT NEWS -- exchange students Birgitta (Britta) Bostrom Amcoff and Jacob (Jake) Mondt are already planning to attend the 2015 Class Reunion!
Floridians Marybeth Wright Styer (far left), Sara Buchanan Torres (center right) and Kathy Kerr Fries (far right) welcomed Jackie Trato Edwards (center left) for lunch in February.
It was classmates from California who kicked off the 2014 year of mini-reunions with a gathering of
(l-r) Paddie Carver Kilgore, Tom Sebo and Ruth Williamson Person.
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Class of 1965, Lakeview High School, Battle Creek, Michigan