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Phillis Lince Peters (pictured with Shriner husband Robert at right) sends greetings from Texas and notes she would enjoy hearing from some of the old gang.

(If you wish to contact Phyllis or any other class member, please send your request to and we will attempt
to put you in touch.)

Phyllis Lince

Dave Morse

Dave Morse's work in the nuclear energy field has taken him and his wife of 42 years (LeAnn Mull '66) around the world. Although Dave "retired" from Consumers Energy Palisades Nuclear Plant in 2006, he continues to consult and travel, recently completing his 29th trip to Japan. (Photo at left pictures LeAnn and Dave at the Himeji Castle in Himeji, Japan).

On their 40th anniversary, Dave & LeAnn traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil where LeAnn reconnected with her friend Maria, a former LHS exchange student.

Life at home has included raising two sons, both of whom still live nearby, countless hours of Lake Michigan sailing, a recent return to golf and jaunts to a special place in Tennessee.

Dave Morse

The Morses reconnect with a former LHS exchange student in Brazil.

Do we have your current contact information in our database for class news and reunion announcements? It was great to hear from free spirit Tom Miller who enjoyed another trip to Alaska this past summer. Don't miss the amazing photos on his web site at (Look for the Alaska pics link in his ENJOYING LIFE! paragraph.) During the school year, Tom can be found teaching math at a Georgia high school and West Georgia Technical College. Contact Tom via his web site. Tom Miller


WHO: LHS Class of '65 Girls
WHAT: 3rd Mini-Reunion
WHEN: 11:00 am, Saturday, June 27
WHERE: 'Clara's on the River' Restaurant, Battle Creek

If you know the whereabouts of anyone on the list at right, please contact us!

Anders, Anderson, Arnold, Bailey, Barney, Beardsley, Booth, Bowker, Burroughs, Bundy, Burton, Camburn, Casey, Conlin, Cooper D., Crago, Dean, Doty, Doubleday, Dull, Edwards, Evans, Fellows, Foster, Garvin, Hart, Henning, Houston, Hubbard, Jensen, Koteskey, Lester, Martin S., Matsumura, Mohler, Moore, Peterman, Randt, Rea, Reed L., Renner, Running, Silman, Smith J., Sprout, Standish, Stauffer, Strong, Sturgeon, Thurston, Wassenaar, Weeks

Ruth Williamson

I'm sending a picture of myself taken 6/13 with a U of M college roommate who was visiting me with her husband in Sacramento. We're at Coloma, California, site of the 1848 gold rush discovery. I retired from my job as a school nurse in June of 2008 and have been busy taking adult ed classes, updating my house, and traveling. In May I went with friends on a cruise to Greece and Italy which was wonderful! I hope everyone has a good time at the mini reunion! Maybe next year I can join you.

Ruth Williamson Person (pictured at left)

I was waiting for a couple of things to break, to see if I could get away next weekend.... but no such luck. It appears that ya'll have a great time, sure would like to share in that one of these years. I just paid my first visit to the web site. WOW! I enjoyed Jody's contribution to our history and it was surprising to learn more about her. The photos from the various events are also fun. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Say Hi to all the girls attending this year, and a "Wish I was there!" Hugs,

Dena Stetler Hale

I am sending my regrets but hope to join all of you one day - how fun!! I really appreciate being included since I moved in our senior year and love seeing all your pictures and knowing more about everyone! I would love to hear all the news after the luncheon.

Julie Lewis Herman (pictured at right)

Julie Lewis

I am sorry that I will be unable to attend the reunion. Have a fun time.

Judy Bosscher Kurt

Thanks so much for all your work in keeping the class of 65 connected. I wanted to let you know that I will be unable to attend the Girls Mini-Reunion next week end. Hi to everyone and hope to see you next time!

Barb Cooper Eldridge

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year. Please give my best to all those in attendance, and I know you will have a wonderful time of sharing together. Always,

Carla Malotte Pippin

I will not be able to make the reunion on Saturday.  Give everyone my fondest regards.  Look forward to seeing photos following.

Andrea Oie King

Thanks so much for the invitation - however, I'll not be able to attend this one, but please post pictures so I can see everyone at the reunion- - I really enjoy viewing the pictures and keeping up with what's happening in their lives - - wish I could be there - - I still get homesick after all these years ! ! ! Thanks,

Sandi McGaw Pearce

I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend the mini-reunion this year - it was such fun seeing everyone last year. Have a great time, give my best to everyone and I will look forward to the next time we all get together. Thanks again for all you are doing to keep us connected. Best,

Kathy Kerr Fries

I am sad and regret that I can not attend and renew friendships and enjoy the fellowship.  It's amazing how fast our lives have moved toward the end of the yard stick and we begin to number our days. Have fun. I will look forward to seeing the pictures you will post. God bless you all and have fun.

Jackie Trato Edwards

Thanks so much for the invite to the mini-reunion!  I am so sorry to say that I will be in Dauphin Island with my family. I'm so excited there will be a reunion, we'll look forward to it.  Thanks so much and enjoy the Mini!!!

Rocky Lloyd Dixon

I wanted to let you know that I will not be able to attend the reunion though it sounds fun. If you continue to meet, I hope to make the next one. Thanks for the invite and have lots of fun!

Jan Reed Slingerlend

Marybeth Wright

Hi to all the girls! I really wanted to join you this year, but it just did not work out. Would love to see all of the girls again.

Marybeth Wright Styer

(pictured above with husband Bill Styer, BC Central '63)

I was surprised to receive the invitation to the mini reunion Lakeview High class of '65. I have not heard from anyone in many many years. Both my parents have passed away so I rarely get any information about what is happening in Battle Creek. It was nice to hear from you. Thank you for the invitation.
    I now live in California and have for 36 years... short condensed history... married in '67...moved to the San Francisco Bay Area with our 2 young daughters afer living in both Il. & Oh.... divorced... decided to stay. Earned college Degree from Calif. State University...met & married current husband... celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year...combined family of my 2 girls and his 2 have 3 grandchildren...worked for Leshier Communications, a newspaper conglomerate, for 15 years... then went to work for Chevron Oil. Moved to Manteca in the Central Valley 4 years ago when we retired to be closer to the grandchildren... also went back to college & earned a degree in Financial Planning along the road to retirement... both involved in community activities... am currently President of the local Gardening Club and sometimes volunteer at the local Crisis Center... love to travel and have a 34' 5th wheel, a timeshare on Maui, and love to cruise... have been to the Southern Caribbean, all the Hawaiian islands, the Western Caribbean, Mexico, Tahiti, and last year we did a 19 day land & cruise to Alaska... hobbies are gardening and reading Murder Mysteries. That's the nutshell version.
   I would love to hear from my former classmatesand find out what's going on with everyone. I will not be able to make the reunion this year as we already have travel plans. Please give my best to all. Thanks again for the invitation. God Bless you all.
   Linda Corcoran Silverman
Thank you for the invitation to the Mini-Reunion.  I won't be able to make it back to Michigan for the reunion, but am sending a couple of photos and a short bio.
   I have spent most of my adult life in the Seattle area and am currently teaching Spanish in the Bellevue School District.  In my non-working life I serve as a volunteer interpreter for the Red Cross and also serve as secretary for the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of Mercer Island.  I grow as many of my own vegetables as I can in my small urban potager, and spend as much time as is possible playing with my two grandchildren.
  One of the photos is of me with my daughter Tabitha who just graduated from college.  The other was taken last year on my pilgrimage to the Baha'i World Center in Israel.      Marta (Martha) Tapley Brown
Marta Tapley Marta Tapley
Barb Cooper Eldridge & Suzy Nagao

Far Left - Classmates Barb Cooper Eldridge & Suzy Nagao Crawford enjoy sightseeing and reminiscing on Cape Cod.

Left - New grandparents Barb Cooper Eldridge & husband Rick '62 visit Yellowstone with brother Bill Cooper '62 and his wife.



David and Jackie Trato Edwards (right) are celebrating two important dates this year —
40 Years of Marriage and a 25th Reunion for Wings of Morning,
part of their Wings Global Outreach ministry.

Look for Jackie on FACEBOOK

David & Jackie Trato
Ron Edgerton & Sam Lanham Ron Edgerton Ron Edgerton & Sam Lanham
With countless miles of world travel under their belts, it was the familiar shoreline of Lake Michigan
that recently beckoned Ron Edgerton and Sam Lanham. With "okays" from their wives, the two chums loaded the car,
grabbed cameras and binoculars and set off for a two-week road trip exploring the lake's perimeter.

Earl “Gip” Seaver is Northern Illinois University’s Vice Provost. He has been at NIU since 1975. Prior to being appointed Vice Provost in 2003, he served as a department chair for 13 years. As Vice Provost, Seaver is responsible for undergraduate academic affairs, including enrollment services (Admissions, Student Financial Aid, Registration & Records), ACCESS/PAL, Honors, TRIO programs, CHANCE, SAASS, the Academic Advising Center, Office of Retention Services, Center for Black Studies, Scholarships and coordination of the activities of the Undergraduate Coordinating Council. Additionally, he coordinates teacher certification for the university. Seaver is a professor in the School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders and also enjoys working as a speech pathologist for children with cleft lip and/or palate.

View Gip in action at NIU

Click to view video.

Earl Sever

Pat Denny Digit & Dave Digit

Pat Denny Diget and husband Dave (aka Coach Diget) enjoy wintertime activities on their pond — Pat shooting scenic photos and Dave breaking the ice.

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Gordon & Carla Malotte Pippin Congratulations to Gordon & Carla Malotte Pippin on their 35th Wedding Anniversary!

Marla Malotte Miklis and husband George enjoyed dancing the night away at a recent wedding. Marla "retired" from her corporate job in '08 to spend more time with nearby twin grandbabies pictured below.


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Never without his sense of humor, classmate Ron Edgerton sent the following caption to accompany his photo.

"Retirement Photo...
aging gracefully at 61+"

Congratulations Ron!


Class of 1965, Lakeview High School, Battle Creek, Michigan